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25 Way To Win With People [MP3-CD]
25 Way To Win With People [MP3-CD]

25 Way To Win With People [MP3-CD]

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You have read John Maxwell's best-selling Winning with People, and now you are ready for some specific action steps to build on the knowledge you gained. 25 Ways to Win With People has just what you need!

John's complementary companion to the full-sized book is ideal for a quick refresher course on interpersonal relationships.

A small sampling of the twenty-five specific actions listeners can take to build positive, healthy relationships includes:

  • complimenting people in front of others
  • creating a memory and visiting it often
  • encouraging the dreams of others.

Abridged recording

Approximate run time: 3 hours

**Please Note: MP3-CD FAQ

Why is there only one disc?

  • The mp3 CD has a higher storage capacity than a normal CD, so it can hold the entire book on one disc.

Will this work in my car CD player?

  • Yes

Is the entire book on this one disc?

  • Yes, there is no content lost due to the book being on one disc.

Can I download the book onto my devices?

  • Yes, once you receive your copy of the mp3 audio book, instructions for both Windows and Mac users are included to assist you through the process if necessary.

Why is the mp3 Audio Book cheaper than the normal Audio Book?

  • Since the entire audio book is uploaded onto one disc, production costs are lower which allows us to provide you with a lower price point.