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Change Your World Online Course
Change Your World Online Course

Change Your World Online Course

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Two of today’s most respected world-changers, leadership expert John C. Maxwell and global development leader Rob Hoskins, share their real-world experiences helping to transform millions of lives, communities, and businesses around the world to show people how to be the change the world needs and help others do the same. 

You will gain key insights to what it looks like to change your world around you as well as actionable steps to take. Full course available in the beginning of March. We will add the course as it is complete here. With Key Topics such as:  

  • Becoming a Catalyst for Change 
  • We All Need One Another 
  • Let’s All Get on the Same Page 
  • Experience the Value of Values 
  • And more! 


This course includes 10 video lessons from John C. Maxwell, Rob Hoskins & special guests, Downloadable, fill-in-the-blank notes for each video lesson and, Immediate, lifetime access to all course content and resources.