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JMT Bundle: Digital Download

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Commitment is Key

Your level of commitment is always truly determined by a crisis, or crossroad. Your response determines your commitment. John teaches how to navigate these crossroads without compromise.

Advantages of Adversity

Adversity is never easy staring you in the face. However, suffering is a part of life and can actually accomplish some good things in our lives. Let this lesson be an encouragement to you in the difficult times.Consistency: Keep on Keeping On!

Consistency: Keep on Keeping On!

Consistency is an important value that helps others trust you.  In other words, people can easily trust when they know what to expect.  In this timeless audio lesson, Dr. Maxwell focusses on characteristics of consistent people and how to cultivate consistency in your personal and professional life.

Failure is Not Final!

In this lesson, John compares and contrasts two distinct types of people fresh on the other side of a recent failure.

Formula for Success

Using the word SUCCESS as an acrostic, John outlines some steadfast principles on earning success in life.

Each lesson includes:

MP3 audio
PDF Outline

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