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An intensive 3-course growth plan to help you reach your peak potential. Learn from 15 Laws of Growth modules, Put Your Dream to the Test, and Developing the Leader Within You in this robust course.

Content Provided is:

15 Laws of Personal Growth
Law of Intentionality
Law of Awareness
Law of the Ladder
Law of the Mirror
Law of Consistency
Law of Environment
Law of Design
The Laws of Pain and Reflection

Put Your Dream to the Test
Question 1 - Ownership
Question 2 - Clarity
Question 3 - Reality
Question 4 - Passion
Question 5 - Pathway
Question 6 - People
Question 7 - Cost
Question 8 - Tenacity
Question 9 - Fulfillment
Question 10 - Significance

Developing the Leader Within You
The Definition of Leadership & Influence
The Price Tag of Leadership
The Expansion of Leadership