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11 Essential Changes Every Leader Must Embrace

Why Leadershift?
The Focus Shift: From Soloist to Conductor
The Personal Development Shift: From Goals to Growth
  • Bonus Rachel Hollis on Perks to Price
The Cost Shift: From Perks to Price
  • Bonus Trent Shelton on Perks to Price
The Relational Shift: From Pleasing People to Challenging People
  • Bonus Ed Bastian on Pleasing to Challenging
The Abundance Shift: From Maintaining to Creating
The Production Shift: From Ladder Climbing to Ladder Building
The Communication Shift: From Directing to Connecting
  • Bonus Mark Cole on Directing to Connecting
The Improvement Shift: From Team Uniformity to Team Diversity
The Influence Shift: From Positional Authority to Moral Authority
The Impact Shift: From Trained Leaders to Transformational Leaders
The Passion Shift: From Career to Calling