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Lunch & Learn - Beyond Talent [Digital-PDF]
Lunch & Learn - Beyond Talent [Digital-PDF]

Lunch & Learn - Beyond Talent [Digital-PDF]

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The John Maxwell Company introduces the new Lunch & Learn Facilitator Guide that will help take others through Beyond Talent during the lunch hour. The Facilitator Guide will help guide great discussion around Beyond Talent, which asserts that a person’s natural abilities are overrated and frequently misunderstood. While talent is an undeniable advantage, it accomplishes nothing by itself. If talent is not paired with right decisions, it atrophies and eventually evaporates. Everyone has an area of giftedness—something they do exceptionally well. Certainly, we should pinpoint our talents and refine them. However, the pivotal choices you make in life—apart from the natural talent you possess—will set you apart from the masses of people trying to skate by on talent alone.

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