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Lunch & Learn - Home Run [Digital - PDF]
Lunch & Learn - Home Run [Digital - PDF]

Lunch & Learn - Home Run [Digital - PDF]

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Each Lunch & Learn guide is designed specifically to help you facilitate engaging group discussions as you focus on the main points of a book. The Lunch & Learn guide is specifically designed to supplement the book, not replace it, and serve as a reference and resource as you work through the book's content. By using a Lunch & Learn guide, your group members will be challenged to get to know each other better and learn how they can integrate what they have learned into their current realities.
Be intentional. Use your lunch just once a week for about an hour to dive deep into a leadership topic with your team or with others. If weekly is too much or not enough, just adjust the frequency of your meetings. The Lunch & Learn guide allows you to set the pace.
In Home Run, using a baseball diamond as an analogy for following God's plan for life, Pastor Kevin Myers and John C. Maxwell provide a clear path forward while helping you keep your priorities in order and your eyes on the prize.
What is that pattern?

Connection with God: Winning Dependence
Character: Winning Within
Community: Winning with Others
Competence: Winning Results

Challenging, heart-felt, and insightful, Myers' story will connect with anyone who feels their life is falling short of God's promises. The hard-won lessons Myers learned, along with insightful comments and on-point application from Maxwell, will make it possible for you to win in this performance-based culture without losing your soul. There are no shortcuts or steals in the spiritual journey of life. HOME RUN is a guidebook for living life and learning how to succeed God's way.