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Lunch & Learn - The REAL Series [Digital-PDF]
Lunch & Learn - The REAL Series [Digital-PDF]

Lunch & Learn - The REAL Series [Digital-PDF]

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In REAL Leadership: The 101 Collection John C. Maxwell underscores the building blocks of successful leadership. Each of the four books explores a fundamental aspect of influence: relationships, equipping, attitude, and leadership. The series condenses John's finest work into easy-to-navigate handbooks that together lay the foundation for effective leadership. By mastering the basic tenets of this collection, you'll be set up for a lifetime of influence. This Lunch & Learn will take you through each of the books in the REAL series.

In Relationships 101, John C. Maxwell encourages leaders to link up with others by honing their people skills. He succinctly spells out the benefits of teamwork, and he teaches you how to best connect with others to build a team. Throughout the book, John stresses that leadership isn't about convincing others to do your bidding, but rather it's about setting an example through servant hood.

In Equipping 101, John C. Maxwell coaches you to identify and train potential influencers and to launch them into leadership. His insights will help you instill up-and-coming team members with the intangible leadership qualities they need to excel. In this book, you’ll learn to effectively delegate responsibility and lend authority to potential leaders. You’ll also discover best practices for monitoring their progress, supplying them with encouragement, and building their confidence as they mature as leaders.

In Attitude 101, John C. Maxwell explores an intangible asset that makes all the difference in the life of a leader. He investigates how attitudes form, why they matter, and how they shape a leader's future. From his insights, you will learn how to pinpoint problem thinking in yourself and others and how to promote a positive outlook on your team. As you read, you'll also gain a healthier perspective on adversity and failure, and you'll be challenged to reassess your definition of success.

In Leadership 101, John C. Maxwell prepares you to make the most of the opportunities you have to impact others. Sharing wisdom learned from decades of studying and practicing leadership, he presents the bottom line of what it takes to lift up your leadership quotient.

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