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Make Today Count [CD]
Make Today Count [CD]

Make Today Count [CD]

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Drawing from the text of the Business Week best-seller Today Matters, this condensed, revised edition boils down John C. Maxwell's 12 daily practices to their very essence, giving maximum impact in minimal time. Presented in a quick-read format, this version is designed to be read cover to cover in one sitting or taken in as brief lessons in a few spare minutes each day.

 It covers such topics as:

  • Priorities
  • Health
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Values
  •  Growth

Readers will learn how to make decisions on important matters and apply those decisions daily to put them on a path to more successful, productive, and fulfilling lives.

Read by L.Grenville/ Unabridged

Approximate run time: 210 minutes

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