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Partners in Prayer [Paperback]
Partners in Prayer [Paperback]

Partners in Prayer [Paperback]

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"John, I believe God has called me - a layman - to disciple, encourage, and pray for pastors. And the reason I came here today is so that I could pray for you." With those words, respected leader, speaker, and author John Maxwell saw his agenda replaced by God's agenda. The stranger who felt God's calling to pray for this pastor fulfilled a need in Maxwell that he did not even know he had - and fourteen years later, the results are evident at the 3,500 member Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, California.

Partners in Prayer shows church leaders and laypeople how to unleash the potential of prayer on behalf of themselves, one another, and the church. If your church - or private devotional life - is starving in the area of prayer and you want to tap into the power and protection prayer provides, this book is for you.

Maxwell gives insight into:

  • The fundamentals of prayer
  • Improving personal prayer life
  • Praying for others, including church leaders
  • Building a prayer partners ministry in the local church
  • Encouraging prayer revival nationwide