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Permission Granted: Leading a Team
Permission Granted: Leading a Team

Permission Granted: Leading a Team

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A starting point for you as you learn to lead others just as well as you’ve led yourself. 

Permission Granted: Leading a Team includes:

  • Video teaching with John Maxwell on how connecting with your team multiplies your effort and builds trust that will create momentum in your work.
  • Video teaching with Mark Cole, CEO of the John Maxwell Enterprise, on his journey to build our team that runs over $30 million in annual revenue and impacts millions of lives each year.
  • My bestselling book, The 5 Levels of Leadership, that will give you the common language you need to start building out a bench of strong teammates who get work done and develop one another along the way (Free shipping on domestic orders).
  • A digital “Lunch and Learn” guide to get your team around a table where you can develop tactical steps to stronger communication and working dynamics.
  • Digital PDF teaching from my private membership program, Leader Core, on The Courage Cycle to help your team build up their confidence. Courage and confidence go hand in hand—courage leads to action, which produces experience, which creates confidence.