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Self-Improvement 101 [MP3-CD]
Self-Improvement 101 [MP3-CD]

Self-Improvement 101 [MP3-CD]

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The best leaders know that success is about more than winning- it's about improving and developing.

Self-Improvement 101 shares best-selling author John C. Maxwell's tips, tactics, and inspiration that compel leaders to reach ever higher levels.

Drawing from wisdom in his books, Your Road Map for Success, Talent is Never Enough, Developing the Leaders Around You, Failing Forward, The 360-Degree Leader, Winning With People, and Leadership Gold, John C. Maxwell provides in Self-Improvement 101 the essentials all leaders need to keep striving for excellence no matter where they are or what they are doing. After all, great leaders who are growth oriented rather than goal oriented never "arrive," they just keep building upon what they are learning.

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