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Strategic Thinking Made Simple [Digital-MP3]
Strategic Thinking Made Simple [Digital-MP3]

Strategic Thinking Made Simple [Digital-MP3]

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A recent study of corporate human resources and leadership development executives conducted by the Wall Street Journal identified Strategic Thinking as the top executive skill sought by organizations. Research authors, Carroll & Mui further, emphasize the enormous importance of strategic thinking at the organizational level as well. Regardless of collar color, it seems employees at every level are expected to achieve more with fewer resources. Therefore, if your leaders, managers & employees can not think strategically in June, your business, team or position may not be around in July. Mystique removed, strategic thinking is initiating and applying insight on a continual basis to achieve competitive advantage.

The real question is how can we regularly develop strategic thinking skills in order to separate ourselves from the pack? The answer is simple - Strategic Thinking Made Simple, a new digital audio bundle from Leadership Authority, Dr. John C. Maxwell, is a powerful tool designed to help you view life and work through a new lens. Enjoy fresh creativity, valuable insights and learn to better understand and use your intuition by applying the principles in this series.

Download your copy today and learn:

  • To think like a CEO
  • How to creatively give flight to your thoughts
  • To create an environment suited for creative and collaborative thinking
  • To better understand your intuition & how to use it
  • How to identify and avoid thought busters
  • To develop strategic insight
  • New disciplines and systems for shaping your thoughts
  • To unleash the power of your greatest resource- your thinking

Bundle includes five lessons:    

  • Thinking Like a CEO (Run Time: 41:56)
  • Daily Thoughts That Will Take You to the Top (Run Time: 38:57)
    Intuition Insights (Run Time: 48:23)
  • The 5 Phases of Breakthrough Thinking (Run Time: 43:58)
  • Thought Boosters or Thought Busters (Run Time: 38:56)  

Each lesson includes:

  • MP3 audio
  • PDF notes

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