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The John Maxwell Stationery Series - Notes of Encouragement Boxed Set

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“A kind word given from the heart is always well received.” – John C. Maxwell
In an age where much of our communication is digital, there is power in pausing to connect with someone via a handwritten note. The excitement of receiving and opening a handwritten note of encouragement breathes life into the soul. This boxed set of notecards contains 15 cards and envelopes to help you share a message of encouragement with someone you know. Each card has one of five quotes from John Maxwell on the front, and an entirely blank inside to give you as much room as you need to share your unique message.


  • 15 blank notecards (5 unique quotes, 3 of each type)
  • 15 bright white A6 envelopes included
  • Design: 
    • Sturdy, glossed coverstock outside
    • Non-smudge, matte paper on the inside
    • Tent folded
  • Folded card size: 4"x6"