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The Mentor's Guide to Building a Championship Team

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The premier digital resource for the greatest leadership lessons from sports legends, co-hosted by John C. Maxwell and Don Yaeger. The course includes 4 modules and bonus interviews with Warrick Dunn and Mike Matheny.

1.) Lead Yourself First (30 minutes)
A Leaders Perfect Blend
Leading Where No One Has Gone Before
Momentum: A Leaders Best Friend
Pride: A Leaders Greatest Problem
The Incomplete Leader
Attitude: The Difference Maker (Part 1)
Attitude: The Difference Maker (Part 2)
Making Personal Changes
The Influence Inventory
Reaching Your Potential

2.) The Dream Teammate (33 minutes)
Interview with Michael Oher
Exceptional Qualities of a Team Player
Paying the Price
Tests of Timing
Make-up That Makes a Leader
Watch What Leaders Do
Success vs. Significance
10 Ways to Gain Influence
Relationships: The First Step
Trust: The Foundation
Establish Credibility

3.) Build a Solid Team (49 minutes)
Interview with Dan Reeves
Interview with Rich McKay
5 Keys to Developing People
5 Questions for Sizing Up Potential
Picking Potential Leaders
Silent Sabotage
How to Put People in the Right Place
How to Be a Leader
Combating a Crisis
Getting Morale Up in Down Times
Leading Free Agents
Essentials of Development

4.) Winning as a Team (37 minutes)
Interview with Pete Carroll
Interview with Arthur Blank
Why Coach Wooden's Teams Won
How to Keep Key Players
The Power of Motivation
Making the Tough Call
Dealing with Difficult Personalities
Ingredients to Success
10 Keys to Growth
Whatever It Takes
The Blind Spot
Stay in First Place