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The Mentor's Guide to Focused Thinking

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This audio series is your guide to clear, constructive, and cohesive thinking.

Focused thinking is a skill that can be developed! Dr. John C. Maxwell has spent decades intentionally developing his thinking skills. You have the opportunity to allow him to mentor you and share what he has learned about how successful people think.

This guide to clear, constructive, cohesive thinking contains John's best audio lessons on the subject and explores how focused thinking.........

  • Requires time - 5 Phases of Breakthrough Thinking
  • Fuels creativity - The Law of Curiosity
  • Sharpens priorities - Making Today a Better Tomorrow
  • Reveals possibilities - Possibility Thinking
  • Increases production - Think Til You Think Through
  • Establishes rhythm - P.L.A.N.A.H.E.A.D.