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The Power of One DVD Training Curriculum
The Power of One DVD Training Curriculum

The Power of One DVD Training Curriculum

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The Power of One DVD Training Curriculum based on John Maxwell's book, There's No Such Thing as "Business" Ethics!

John Maxwell will shake the foundation of your normal ethics training course. Most ethics training is categorized as compliance training, this course is life training. Focusing on the Golden Rule as the model for business ethics, John teaches how to seize your golden opportunities and how to steer clear from temptations that could tarnish it.

This training set is divided into four 10-minute sessions so you can easily take it to your team in a set of four meetings or even a long company wide meeting. Begin bringing a new dimension of ethics to your company today!

Training Kit contains:

  • DVD's
  • 1 Facilitator Guide
  • 1 Participant Guide 

Need a Participant Guide? CLICK HERE

DVD Time Breakdowns:

  • Session 1: 11 minutes
  • Session 2: 10 minutes
  • Session 3: 10 minutes
  • Session 4: 12 minutes

**Please Note: This product is not available for commercial use without prior written permission by The John Maxwell Company.