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The Value of Questions [Digital-MP3]
How To Build Your Leadership Team Bundle [Digital-MP3]

The Value of Questions [Digital-MP3]

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Great leaders truly do ask great questions. Whether you are learning to become a better leader, a better follower, or just a better person, the best way to gain influence with others is by asking great questions. In this bundle, John Maxwell shares valuable questions he’s been asked, but also teaches you how to learn the art of great question-asking.

Included in this bundle are the titles:

  • Questions Leaders Ask: Learn the questions every leader should ask, including dealing with distractions, personal challenges, important decisions, time management, and more.  John brings up questions involving ministry, and covers the Law of the Inner Circle.
  • 3 Questions Followers Ask: Leaders should question their way to success before they answer their way to success. By learning the three vital questions followers often ask, leaders can learn to empathize and understand the need for trust with those around them.
  • Reach Out And Ask Someone: Facing a crossroads, having doubts about being able to handle a situation, needing to think through your options - these are all reasons to reach out to others in order to gain insight. Learn to recognize the factors that often prohibit people from asking advice, and gain a better understanding of reaching out to others.
  • Questions I’m Asked As A Leader: John reveals questions he’s been asked through the years, giving his insights and answers to each one. From setting priorities each day to motivating and developing others, get the answers you have always wanted to know.
  • The Value of Questions: This lesson states, "if you are going to ask life-changing questions, be sure to do something with the answers." Find the key questions that unlock life's doors and the criteria for selecting the right people to direct these questions too. Quality questions create a quality life.

Bundle Includes:

  • Questions Leaders Ask (ILC 18-05)
  • 3 Questions Followers Ask (MIC 15-12)
  • Reach Out And Ask Someone (MIC 09-11)
  • Questions I’m Asked As A Leader (MIC 10-02)
  • The Value of Questions (MIC 18-12)

Each lesson includes:

  • MP3 audio
  • PDF notes

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