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Thinking for a Change [CD]
Thinking for a Change [CD]

Thinking for a Change [CD]

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"A penny for your thoughts." That is the slogan we are used to hearing, but do you ever offer what you are really thinking? Why not? To do well in life, we must first think well.

In Thinking for a Change, John Maxwell teaches you that new mental habits can be learned and that by changing them, you can change your life. Drawing from some of the best thinkers in history, you will learn valuable new methods to think, including Strategic, Reflective, Bottom Line, and Shared Thinking, to name a few. You will see an immediate impact and open the door to new possibilities. You will learn specific techniques on how to think, not what to think. Get ready to answer, "A penny for your thoughts," with, "Actually, it'll cost you a dollar."

Read by John C. Maxwell/Abridged

Approximate run time: 180 minutes

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