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Winning With People DVD Training Curriculum
Winning With People DVD Training Curriculum

Winning With People DVD Training Curriculum

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Learn to relate to others better!In the new age of business, people are quickly evolving into an organization's most valuable asset. More and more companies are recognizing that their employees are the heart of a companywide success. This is why so many companies offer employee benefit programs that go beyond compensation and move into relationships.The Winning With People Training Curriculum, by best-selling author John Maxwell, teaches you and your team how to build and maintain strong, mutually-beneficial relationships. Participants learn how to identify what makes their people 'tick' and methods for you to connect with people rather than command.Watch the productivity level and morale improve dramatically by embracing relationship building within your organization.
TrainingCurriculum includes DVD's, 1 Facilitator Guide, 1 Participant Guide (Don't forget to order additional Participant Guides for your team)- CLICK HERE

DVD #1: The Readiness Question: Are we prepared for relationships? Running time: 49 minutes
DVD #2: The Connection Question: Are we willing to focus on others? Running time: 54 minutes
DVD #3: The Trust Question: Can we build a mutual trust? Running time: 37 minutes
DVD #4: The Investment Question: Are we willing to invest in relationships? Running time: 44 minutes
DVD #5: The Synergy Question: Can we create a win-win relationship? Running time: 27 minutes

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