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Workbook Developing the Leader Within You
Developing the Leader Within You Workbook

Workbook Developing the Leader Within You

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Building on the leadership skills you already possess, Developing the Leaders Within You Workbook - along with its accompanying hardcover book - equips you to achieve positive change in your life and the life of your organization through effective, visionary leadership. In Dr. Maxwell's trademark style, Developing the Leader Within You Workbook enhances your leadership growth as you explore the value of:

  • Achieving success using the Five Levels of Leadership
  • Building trust through personal integrity
  • Prioritizing (it's not how hard you work, but how smart you work.)
  • Creating positive change and understanding the evolutionary process involved
  • Developing people, your most appreciable assets
  • Identifying and solving problems and preventing their recurrence
  • Defining and articulating a vision (or contagious dream) for your organization
  • Becoming character-driven instead of emotion-driven

This companion workbook guides readers through the accompanying book.

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